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RTB Symposium 2020

1 day event, two choices (like last year)

Dates: Feb. 29th Saturday or March 1st​ Sunday. 
Times: 9a-5p

Registration will be through Eventbrite. Navigate to the 2020 PV Symposium page and use the link to Eventbrite. 

Practices started back up in November come join us. 

Day's: Monday's & Wednesday's 

Time:  Two Groups 4- 5:30pm & 5;30-7pm

Where: 2090 Olympic St. Suite E, Springfield, Oregon

    We are on break until November
This was an odd season to say the least. Thanks to all that stuck with us and saved some sort of season. Check back in October to find out what date we will be opening back up. Thanks again.
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Raising the bar pole vault club 

Indoor All Comers

Vault Competition

February 22, 2020


Name​​​Affiliation​​​Height Cleared​Place


Cody LeBel​​Lane CC​​​14’ 6” / 4.42m​​1


Sawyer Christopher​Lane CC​​​14’  / 4.27m​​2


Dylan Hopper​​Lane CC​​​14’  / 4.27m​​3


Carter Bell​​RTB​​​​13’ 6¼” / 4.12m​4


Nathan Poff​​Lane CC​​​13’ 6¼” / 4.12m​5


Garrett Price​​RTB​​​​13’ 6¼” / 4.12m​6


Colton Johnson​​RTB​​​​12’ 6”  / 3.81m​​7


Dan Umenhofer​RTB​​​​11’   ¼“ / 3.36m​8


David Gates​​RTB​​​​10’ 6” / 3.20m​​9


Emmy Freeman​RTB​​​​10’   / 3.05m​​T 10


Jason Carter​​NCU​​​​10’   / 3.05m​​T 10


Dan West​​RTB​​​​10’   / 3.05m​​12


Sophia Dau​​RTB​​​​9’ 6¼“ / 2.90m​​13


JoJo Simonson​​RTB​​​​9’ 6¼“ / 2.90m​​14


Markus Deming​RTB​​​​9’  ¼ “ / 2.75m​​15


Rachel Rhoads​​NCU​​​​8’ 6¼“ / 2.59m​​16


Carina Haas​​NCU​​​​8’  / 2.44m​​17


Simon Dextor​​RTB​​​​NH


Audra Chapman​RTB​​​​NH


Hannah Grantom​RTB​​​​NH

2019 State Meet Results

Overall: 15 places, 2 State Champs, 2 Runner-ups, four 3rds, four 4ths, one 6ths, and two 9ths
3A State Boys Pictures
Thanks to Lon French photos

Club vaulters  Dillion & JJ 1st & 2nd


2090 Olympic st ,Suite E

Springfield, OR 97477



         4:00p - 7:00 p



Mark Vanderville at                                      or 

Dan Umenhofer at                                       or 

Dan West   at                                                 or