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Summer Session: $50 total for June & July. 

Club forms: 

Provided at the club to fill out. 

To become a member just stop by on a Monday or Thursday, practice time (4-6:30pm) or call and talk with a coach.


So you want to be a Pole Vaulter?

Club membership price is $200. This is for one full year. November through July.



Indoor facility fees: Monthly fee is $20 for HS and adults. 

For a total of $340. Pay in full or by the month.



Drop in vaulters fees:

$10 per session or

8 sessions for $60 pre-payment






******Vaulters that become members prior to March will have full access to all practice days.

Vaulters that become members in March or after, will only be allowed to practice on Tuesdays during the HS track season.

USA Track& Field Card $19.95 if 18 or under. Adults $29.95  per year. (This is for insurance reasons and to get into USATF sanctioned meets.) Register on-line at USATF web site.

3. Insurance
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